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About Us

When we created the MILIA wine & event resort in 2021 on the outskirts of Dunajský Klátov, we tried to intervene in the slightest way possible, so that most of what we see here should not be the work of humans, but of nature. And that's so that we don't steal the light from what belongs there in the least. We hold our rituals, whether it's the most intimate, personal moments, or professional or other entertainment, purpose gatherings. What is needed for this can be carried out there– which we cannot, but for our luck, can already be found there: harmony and sumptuous ethic of beautiful surroundings.


Lifelong experience


The news of the stunning sight of the Tőkési ág has spread in other parts of the country, so more and more people are looking for real silence, untouched nature, birds chirping, natural water trickling. The Tőkési ág is not merely a river that has carved a bed into the ground itself. If you will, it is part of the vascular system paradise, the peculiarity of which is that it does not have its source, only fed by groundwater. Due to its cleanliness, its wildlife is diverse, diverse, and extremely rich, even in living beings that are now quite rare in our environment. The miller craft, often driven by mills installed on rivers, is to be assigned to the ancient professions of Csallóköz, which is often carried out on our rivers. One of the last messengers of these is the Cséfalvay water mill on the Tőkési ág, which was originally built in the 19th century.

The uniqueness of our MILIA is in its location. A breathtaking place in a nature preserve of Dunajský Klátov. At this amazing place, we can accommodate 40-60 people.

There's nothing we can do in nature without giving it back to us. We have lived like partners since ancient times, if we regret it, he will do the same, and if we give him a gift, we will receive more than one.



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Implemented with financial support from the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic

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